Review and Reward. Thanking you for your reviews.

We are going to reward you for an online review no matter what it says.

As a delivery service, we don't have a place that people can come and "check out" to see what they think. The only way for someone to know what kind of service we provide is by reading testimonial reviews from our current members. Therefore, we have decided to reward members who take the time to write a review about our collective.

Our Review and Reward program is simple. Any time you review our collective online, regardless what site it is on, we will be giving you a free Gram of flower, regardless what it says. Some of you might be wondering why we would give you a free gram for a bad review. It's simple. Good reviews tell us what we are doing right so we can continue it. Bad reviews, which we currently have none of, will tell us where we need to improve.

Here are a few links to places you can drop your review:

Please understand that free Grams will be awarded at the time of our next delivery to members and will not count towards the delivery minimum donation, but rather will be in addition to your order.

Thanks in advance for your reviews, and we look forward to reading them all.

The "Reefer" a friend program is better than ever!

Previously, we awarded points to those who referred friends to the collective because we have a reward program. We have decided to take a different route and truly reward the members of our collective for their efforts.

From this point forward, anyone who "reefers" a friend will receive a free Eighth of their favorite flower from us. That's right. consider it 3.5g of thank you. We are excited about this and we hope you are as well.

For those of you who do bring new members on board regularly, we thank you. The more members of our family we have, the better we will become for you!

The "Reefer A Friend" Program.

Hey Northbay Delivery Fam,

A lot of collectives advertise. Whether it be on map directory services, social media, or any other format, they are paying money. 

Rather than pay someone to place an ad, why not reward our current members? That's why I have decided to permanently raise our referral credit to $10.00. Forever.

That's right. If you refer someone to our collective, when they place their first order for delivery, you are credited with a $10.00 credit good for anything the collective has to offer. I feel like it's the least we can do.

Make everyday a great day!

Northbay Delivery


February Fire! We're serious about referrals this month! Reefer A Friend!!

January has come and gone. It was an awesome month of new products, new relationships, and new members of the Northbay Delivery family. With February comes a new opportunity for members of our collective.

At this time, we are looking for more people like you to join our collective. Sure, we could simply throw money at the internet in the form of paid adds and banners, lining the pockets of some guy or gal in a far off city who we don't know. Why not reward our members instead.

For the month of February, we are giving $10 to our members who refer someone to our collective. There is no limit to the amount of referrals we will reward someone for.  Here's the particulars for the month:

  • New members must inform us who referred them at the time of sign-up.
  • New members must meet the delivery donation minimum of $50 after signing up.
  • After the person you refer signs up and makes the minimum donation, you are awarded 10 points using our points reward program.
  • 10 points = $10 dollars. Your points never expire and you can stack them as much as you like. These points can be applied to your next visit from us!

So to give an example, if you refer 11 people who sign-up and make the minimum donation, you now have $110.00 of credit with Northbay Delivery to be applied however you like.

There is another benefit to referring friends other than just financial gain. As we gain members and receive more and more donations, it gives us the ability to carry a wider array of products for you to choose from. There is strength in numbers, and our strength would show in the form of buying power. Every new member makes us better. 

So what are you waiting for? Get after it!

Northbay Delivery, Inc.

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A new year. A new venture.

2017 is upon us, and it now begins. We have officially launched and are delivering full time to our patients. We have talked about this for years, sometimes jokingly, and it is now a reality. We deliver cannabis to peoples homes. Legally. Wow. 

Currently our selection is limited to the items that we have deemed absolutely critical to our services. We have a little bit of everything to choose from, and all of it is of a caliber we consider to be "top shelf" or "premium." Over the next few months as we gather new patients and create new partnerships we will be greatly expanding our inventory to carry everything!

Join us on our journey. Become A Patient today.