Review and Reward. Thanking you for your reviews.

We are going to reward you for an online review no matter what it says.

As a delivery service, we don't have a place that people can come and "check out" to see what they think. The only way for someone to know what kind of service we provide is by reading testimonial reviews from our current members. Therefore, we have decided to reward members who take the time to write a review about our collective.

Our Review and Reward program is simple. Any time you review our collective online, regardless what site it is on, we will be giving you a free Gram of flower, regardless what it says. Some of you might be wondering why we would give you a free gram for a bad review. It's simple. Good reviews tell us what we are doing right so we can continue it. Bad reviews, which we currently have none of, will tell us where we need to improve.

Here are a few links to places you can drop your review:

Please understand that free Grams will be awarded at the time of our next delivery to members and will not count towards the delivery minimum donation, but rather will be in addition to your order.

Thanks in advance for your reviews, and we look forward to reading them all.