why become a patient of ours?

We are a locally owned and operated family business that cares about the quality of our service as well as the quality of the products we provide. Our success depends greatly on how well we service our patients, so we make it our only priority. 

Why would i use cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be a great alternative to many medications used to treat pain, insomnia, eating disorders, PTSD, and more. There are a lot of medications that are regularly perscribed that have very harmful side effects and are extremely addictive.

We grow all of our cannabis on our family farm located in the mountains of Mendocino County. The climate, soil composition, nutrient rich spring water, and elevation form a perfect environment for growing the finest cannabis possible. The cultivation experience of our family is extensive to say the least. Our cannabis has won awards and will be entered into the Emerald Cup in 2017. We are anticipating a win.

Where does your cannabis come from?

why would i use a delivery service?

Even if you have the ability to pick up your own medical cannabis, why should you? Delivery is great for maintaining your anonymity, as well as extremely convienient. Your cannabis products and supplies are brought directly to your door. Discreetly.

is this legal?

According to the State of California, and the Compassionate Care Act, what we do is completely legal. We go to great lengths to make sure we are compliant with any and all state guide lines.

will you provide cannabis to anyone since it is was recently legalized?

No. We strictly provide cannabis for our members that have a valid and current doctors recommendation. Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are totally different. We may be looking into recreational cannabis, but it would be a completely different venture.

How long have you been in the cannabis industry.

We have been involved in the cannabis industry as a family for more than 30 years.


With the huge influx of large corporations entering the cannabis industry, many predict that the level of overall quality will take a huge hit. With anyone and everyone having the ability to grow their own cannabis, It won't be hard to find. We, however, are going to be there when people want the best. That is why you become a patient of ours.

Is it hard to get a PRESCRIPTION for cannabis?

No. Cannabis has been proven to help with many physical as well as psychological conditions. Aches and pains, chronic pain, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, PTSD, general stress, anxiety, and many other conditions are all reasons cannabis is prescribed by a doctor.

what if i didn't see my question answered here?

If you didn't see you question answered, contact us directly and ask it.

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